Halfway through the year…are you keeping fit!?

We are just over half way through 2017.  Think back to January, did you have new year fitness resolution? Have you kept it up?  This month Donna from Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy gives us information about getting back on track!

Most people start with great intentions at the beginning of the year, however, slowly they start to fall back into old habits and it becomes a circle each year of not necessarily achieving the goals that you started with.

A fair few people stop their exercise because of pain, strain, a weakness or other injury.  PhysioNet members are here to get you back on that track to achieving your fitness goal.

All our member practices are able to assist you with :

  • A thorough assessment by a senior Chartered Physiotherapist trained at the highest level
  • A diagnosis of any current conditions or pain syndromes
  • A comprehensive treatment programme
  • An exercise plan will be designed specifically for you
  • Strategies to help you manage any chronic aches and pains
  • Referral to orthopaedic specialists or radiologists if needed

To book a visit to a Chartered Physiotherapist, please use the find a physio on our home page – there’s plenty to pick from!