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Who are PhysioNet Bristol?

PhysioNet Bristol is a directory and cooperative of over 20 independent physiotherapy practices fostering the shared ideology of delivering quality hands-on, evidence-based and effective treatment.

We have over 35 locations covering the whole of Bristol, Bath, North and Central Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

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Acupuncture is one of many treatment methods used within physiotherapy as an integrated approach to help... Read more >

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Back pain

Back pain is very common, especially pain affecting your lower back. 6 in 10 adults will be affected by lower... Read more >

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Chronic pain

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that continues beyond the normal time it takes for your body to heal... Read more >

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Hand therapy

Hand therapy is form of physiotherapy that treats conditions affecting the hand, wrist and arm. Pain occurs... Read more >

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Hydrotherapy is a specialist form of physiotherapy based in water.  It is a perfect tool for patient... Read more >

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Injection therapy

Injection therapy is the use of medicines that are injected into the tissues and joint spaces. It has been... Read more >

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Neurological physiotherapy assesses and treats conditions that affect the brain and nervous system in an... Read more >

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Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy is the specialist treatment and care of babies, children and young people from... Read more >

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40 locations found.
40 locations found.

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