Notes for patients

Why choose PhysioNet Bristol?

PhysioNet Bristol is the only directory you’ll need to find the best private physiotherapists near you. You do not need to be referred by a doctor to see a physiotherapist.

All of our partners operate from long established clinics within the Bristol area including clinics in Bath, North and Central Somerset and South Gloucestershire. These clinics pride themselves on having long service and experienced practitioners who understand the importance of building a good relationship with you; treating you as an individual not just as a customer.

Why choose physiotherapy?

Whether you have back pain, suffering from a sports injury or you’re recovering from surgery, we have the specialist physiotherapists that can help you with almost any condition.

As physiotherapists, we do not believe in the “buy 10 sessions” approach or the “generalised exercise sheet” for you to manage yourself at home

Although we do believe in the importance of a home exercise programme, this is not at the detriment of good old-fashioned “hands-on treatment”. Many of our clinics have rehabilitation gymnasiums and some have hydrotherapy pools which may facilitate you to a full recovery.

The physiotherapist you see, will undertake a thorough subjective and objective assessment and will then advise you as regards your diagnosis and a treatment plan. Treatment will nearly always be given on the first session.

All our clinics are fully accredited and follow a code of conduct and standards set by our professional body, the CSP. All of our private physiotherapists are HCPC registered so you know you’re receiving the best care. PhysioNet Bristol is run as a partnership with each partner being passionate about delivering the best physiotherapy and service they can.

How to find a physio

To find the specialist physiotherapist for your condition, you can use our handy find a physio tool or watch the video below to explain more.