Notes for referring clinicians

Why choose PhysioNet Bristol for your patients?

If you feel that your patient requires physiotherapy, the referral process using PhysioNet Bristol is straightforward. We have a wide range of specialities and clinics covering Bristol, Bath, North and Central Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

You and your patient have complete control of where they go for their treatment, which physiotherapist they see and at a time that suits them. You have the confidence that referring your patient to a PhysioNet Bristol member clinic will ensure they will be seeing a HCPC registered, mature, experienced and specialist physiotherapist offering the best clinically evidenced based treatment that is specific and tailored to their needs.

The patient can make direct contact with a PhysioNet Bristol clinic either online or by phone using our ‘find a physio’ tool – it’s as simple as that. Ideally, all the physiotherapist will require is a brief referral note with any relevant medical history or contraindications.

The physiotherapist they will see will undertake a thorough subjective and objective assessment, and treatment will nearly always be given at the initial session. The physiotherapist will then advise the patient as regards their diagnosis and outline a treatment plan. As physiotherapists we do not believe in the “buy 10 sessions approach” and we will give the patient a fair estimate how long we foresee their recovery taking.

The physiotherapist will liaise directly with the referring clinician should things change during the treatment process.

Following completion of treatment, the referring clinician will be sent a simple discharge letter with the result of treatment and any further recommendations.

All practitioners believe in the importance of a home exercise program but not at the detriment of good old-fashioned “hands-on treatment.” Most clinics have rehabilitation facilities on site and can give a supervised rehab programme if appropriate and some even have access to a hydrotherapy pool.

How to find your patient a physio?

PhysioNet Bristol is a simple and easy to use directory to help your patient find a physio near them.

To connect them with a specialised physiotherapist clinic, use our find a physio tool or watch our video below to explain more.


If you have any questions or queries about referring a patient for physiotherapy, you can contact us directly.