Sports injury

Sports injury physiotherapy assesses and treats injuries from physical activity. These injuries affect the muscles, bones and joints, or soft tissue areas of the body.

Injuries can occur through a fall or heavy blow during activity, improper training techniques, not warming up correctly or pushing yourself too hard too soon. Knees and ankles are the most common sports injuries, but any area of the body can be affected.

PhysioNet Bristol is the only directory you’ll need to find specialists in sport injuries across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North and Central Somerset and Bath. As chartered physiotherapists, many of our partners have worked in professional or amateur sports and therefore are specialists in treating acute and chronic sports injuries.

PhysioNet Bristol can offer you the best physiotherapists to help you recover, perform and achieve. All our sports injury specialists will use a combination of hands on treatment and exercises. They will show you the best way to perform these exercises so you can strengthen the affected area and prevent further injury.

All of PhysioNet Bristol’s sports injury specialists can treat conditions such as:

  • ligament sprains and tears, e.g. shoulders, hips, knees, ankles
  • muscle strains or swelling, e.g. lower back, neck, legs
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • pain along the shin bone
  • dislocations
  • post-surgery or fracture rehabilitation
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